Links to Other Sites

Medjugorje Information Centre - This is the official Information Centre in Medjugorje itself, with much extra information etc. It also has many links to other sites.

The Medjugorje Apostolate - This is the home page of the UK main site, giving details of groups and centres all over the country. Messages from 1984

Medjugorje Web - An American organisation dedicated to the spreading of the messages of Medjugorje, with messages from 1981 to the present, also using the details from the Grey, Blue, Yellow and Red books of sermon transcripts. Some of these sermons are available on this website. - Click here to see these

Messages and Teachings of Mary at Medjugorje - a rather different website with all of the messages, carefully organised in years, from 1981 to the present.It refers to the early years using transcripted sermons, and these are published in four books - the Grey book, the Blue Book, the Yellow book and the Red book. Some of these sermons are available on this website. - Click here to see these

Spirit of Medjugorje - Another American website with a monthly Newsletter.

Our Lady of Medjugorje New Zealand website with a newsletter.

The Welsh Medjugorje Centre. Unlike the others, this is not a website, but publishes a Newsletter, which can be downloaded here

(This is a booklet, and will need to be printed out. Select these options on your printer - Landscape, print on both sides, flip on the short edge. When it has finished, you can assemble to booklet - it is A5 size) .If you would like to receive the paper version of the Newsletter please contact Romilly on rom DOT fenlon59 AT gmail DOT com. The Newsletters are FREE.)

This list is by no means complete, and I shall be amending and adding to it from time to time. If you cannot log in to these sites, or if you find other good sites do let me know.

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