Medjugorje Reflections

When the apparitions started in 1981 there were no records of sermons, talks, etc. recorded. In 1984, when the weekly messages began to be given for the parish and the world, the local priests, Fr. Tomoslav Vlasic and Fr. Slavko Barbaric, began not only to preach on the apparitions at this time, but also to refer to the earlier messages.

Transcripts of these were translated into a number of languages by an Italian association, the Association of Friends of Medjugorje, the books of these talks continued until 1987, when the monthly messages began.

On the front of each there is a text which is printed diagonally on the lower right hand corner of each book, which says : "This volume is distributed free of charge to allow everyone to know the messages of Most Holy Mary, Queen of Peace, and is intended as a gesture of faith in them (Mt. 6.24 - 34). For those who wish to repay us, we ask to pray especially for the most distant souls.
The Association of the Friends of Medjugorje - Milan - Via Nirone 9 Italy. "

There were no charges for these books, being given out as a way of letting the world know of the messages of Medjugorje.

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Open Your Hearts to MARY Queen of Peace
(known as the Grey Book)

Abandon Yourselves Totally to me
(known as the Blue Book)

Not yet complete

Pray with Your Heart
(known as the Red Book)

Not yet complete

I beseech you, Listen to my Messages
and live them
(known as the Yellow Book)

Not yet complete

Unfortunately, these books are no longer generally available, so these pages are one way of making it possible to continue spreading the words of Our Lady and the reflections contained in these books to all who want to read them.

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